About Us

Yealy Optic Electronic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, mainly specialized in the manufacturing of optical communication passive components. With requirement of top quality of fiber optic patch cords, Yealy has been learning experiences from other companies for improvement. We’ve gained great reputation with our products for large fiber business in US and European market.

Yealy developed OEM business for LED visual inspection in 2004. The public gradually attach importance to environmental issues for carbon emissions and CSR over the years, which enable LED lighting market to rapidly grow. Yealy always can uphold the principles of top quality and highly service so as to develop customers for big enterprise business all over Taiwan.

During manufacturing process of LED, “visual inspection” is the prime directive for quality requirements. Since Yealy is a professional OEM factory for LED visual inspection, our specialty in inspection practices is to get rid of grain with microscope to help the customers for QC; so far, we’re capable of volume production 100kk per day for OEM inspection, which is the biggest domestic professional visual inspection volume, more than 5 times ahead of other companies in this industry.

Our OEM service covers a wide range of products including LED PI, LED Mapping Sorting, Silicon Components, IC Substrate FVI, Ceramic Substrate, Precision Gear, Touch Panel, Offline AOI VI and so on.

Yealy can provide a variety of OEM inspection services, for example, foundry products which are FCBGA, FCCSP, CSP, and PCB. Also, we can serve about LED lead frame, LED Substrate, and LED ship. Moreover, there are 200 professional microscope visual inspectors who can offer a full range of services from Final Visual Inspection (FVI) to packaging.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities in quality protection of products, we fully carry out international standard to comply with ISO9001:2008. Our quality policy will as follow:

Aggressively Promote Quality, Building New to make breakthrough for Value Creation